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Letter of the President
Over the 37 past years, we, at Al-Hanouf Group, have experienced an extraordinary growth, as a large multi-disciplined group with many goals and ambitions, thanks to our continued
commitment to teamwork, high values, clear strategies, defined objectives, orientations and strong policy in our field of experience covering different fields. We’ve successfully
implemented major projects across KSA and the Gulf Region, strengthening the position of our affiliates and divisions in these markets and building a great reputation as a leading
company specialized in contracting, excellent business, medical care industries and magnificent humanitarian services.

Consequently, Al-Hanouf Group is known for providing at all times turnkey solutions to the contracting and medical care industries in a unique and exceptional way and has extensive
expertise in the commercial development and other investments. Furthermore, we have achieved significant advancements in the professional sanitary cleaning, nursing and allied health
professions, owing to our great commercial awareness and long expertise. Seeking to always provide high-quality and top-notch services, we extended our activities to cover all services
and fields including all preventive, curative and palliative interventions, whether offered to individuals or populations in healthcare centers and hospitals.

Al Hanouf Group has carried out many important contracts including the non-medical operation of Riyadh Central Hospital and King Fahed Hospital in Jeddah, considered the two biggest
hospitals in the Kingdom, cleaning and sanitation contract for Saudi-German hospitals in both Medinah and Abha, full operation medical and non-medical contracts for several hospitals in
the KSA, i.e. Al'Aflag General Hospital, Afif General Hospital, Al-Bukiria General Hospital and Al-Methnb Hospital; in addition to several contracts for operation, maintenance and cleaning
for the GCC Secretariat-General buildings in Riyadh for (12) consecutive years. Furthermore, our group is responsible for the general supervision of the “Holy Lands” hospitals in Mecca,
thanks to its honorable and distinguished performance and is also specialized in the management, operation and maintenance of public gardens and parks. Thus, it is currently working on
the implementation of the contract for the operation, maintenance and development of Salam Park with the High Commission for the Development of AlRiyadh and other similar contracts
for the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center in Riyadh, King Fahed Garden in the Medina, Al-Ahsa Environmental Park and King Abdullah Park, in Al-Malaz, Riyadh.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Mehaizea
Group President / Owner

Since 1977; we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.
Proud to be one of the major groups in the field of contracting, our business is constantly growing and expanding in KSA and the
Gulf Region and we persistently aspire in all our activities to strengthen our existing links, expand commercially and positively
and build new relationships in order to enhance our know-how, promote our proficiency and develop our skills to be always at the
forefront of all groups enjoying credibility, expertise and excellence in the provision of commercial, health and professional works
and services with awareness, understanding and knowledge. On another hand, we have future ambitious plans for the upcoming
years to develop and efficiently expand into all fields with enthusiasm. Our Group is looking forward to achieving its determined
goals and objectives and its clear vision in the present and future, and has the sufficient experience and knowledge to continue
the journey it started 37 years ago. Al Hanouf Group will keep on moving forward and facing the challenges in the market with
persistence and determination. Ambition and excellence will be our banner and aim at all times. 
Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to all our employees for their dedication and sincerity, diligence, hard work and efforts to achieve all these remarkable steps in the Group business
and to our customers for their continuous support and their confidence in us. We promise to be trustworthy and continue to work hard in all domains, taking into account the development
of the performance and intensive training to meet and exceed the expectations in the ever-expanding fields of the Group for a better future.
Al Hanouf Groups was established 37 years ago and has undertaken different successful responsibilities and business activities throughout its long journey which remains at its height, thanks to the high-level service and the group commitment to credibility, good quality, professionalism and outstanding craft; all of which helped us achieve all accomplishments during these 37 years, building therefore a remarkable reputation.
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Al Hanouf Group staff included at the beginning 18 employees and workers. However, its projects grew up and its responsibilities increased expanding into many other fields. Consequently, national and foreign manpower multiplied significantly to meet the investment projects requirements. The number of workers in the group exceeds today 10000 workers in charge of different activities.
Pr. Moh'd bin Abdulaziz (Tahleya) Street, Olaya Disrtict.

P.O. Box No: 4735, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia