Al-Hanouf For Trading
Al Hanouf Trading is very active and quickly developing in the trading field, considered to
be a value-added function of the economic process.  Its trading activities cover many
kinds of high-standard and developed products in different sectors, including but not
limited to the medical and bio-medical fields, sportswear, importation of technological
equipment and others; building a great reputation for itself in the local and international
commercial markets and abiding always by the essential ethics and principals of the fair
Since 1977; we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.
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Al Hanouf Groups was established 37 years ago and has undertaken different successful responsibilities and business activities throughout its long journey which remains at its height, thanks to the high-level service and the group commitment to credibility, good quality, professionalism and outstanding craft; all of which helped us achieve all accomplishments during these 37 years, building therefore a remarkable reputation.
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Al Hanouf Group staff included at the beginning 18 employees and workers. However, its projects grew up and its responsibilities increased expanding into many other fields. Consequently, national and foreign manpower multiplied significantly to meet the investment projects requirements. The number of workers in the group exceeds today 10000 workers in charge of different activities.
Pr. Moh'd bin Abdulaziz (Tahleya) Street, Olaya Disrtict.

P.O. Box No: 4735, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia